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NEW - 5.8 Watt GU10 LED Spotlight - 60W Replacement

Product Brand: Lumilife
Product Condition: New
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The LED evolution

This GU10 is part of a new collection of bulbs that have taken LEDs to the next level.

So what’s new?

  • Each bulb comes with a halogen wattage equivalent
  • Every base is a standard fit, so switching over is hassle-free
  • All bulbs are fully ErP and CE compliant
  • Prices are lower than ever to give you unbeatable value

More lumens, less power - save up to £203 from a single bulb

Replace a 60W halogen with this 5.8W LUMiLife GU10 and benefit from big reductions on your energy bills. Over a single bulb's lifetime, you'll see savings reach up to £203.

You’ll still enjoy the same level of brightness too, as this spot beams up to 470 lumens of light.

Over a decade of use

Designed to last 25,000 hours, this spotlight will give you approximately 15 years of service based on average use. This is 20-times longer than halogen spots.

Dimmable and colour options

Pick from three different shades of white; Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. All of which come with dimmable options to give you complete control over the ambience.

Focused beam

A spotlight effect is created by the narrow 36 degree beam angle, which makes it a versatile spot that can be used anywhere from the living room, to decorative areas.

Please note:

Dimmable versions of this bulb are 6.3W.